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About  Us

Since 1926 supplying the Best Portuguese Cork.

Cork Love

Selecting the best Cork it’s what we have done since 1926.

Almost 100 years of story that we are proud to maintain in the same family, from generation to generation.

How can be done? Using the Best Oak Raw material from Portugal, and eagle eyes selecting and to deliver to you high quality cork.

All started in 1st May 1926 when Manuel de Sousa Branco, Matias Nunes and António de Sousa Correia joined and started a Cork Industry dedicated in transforming all the best oak raw material to deliver high quality cork to customers.

We are preparing a list of the main changes that as been done during all this years and has allowed to grow our activities..

But since the beginning we keep doing what we do best, cork board, to be transformed in a large variety of products in special cork stoppers..

If you are looking for high quality cork boards, let us Help You

Cork Bord Lovers